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Consumer Litigation & Advocacy

Uhrich Law p.c. is a Chicago-based firm that fights on behalf of regular folks victimized by unfair business practices. We also work towards better protections for consumers through legislation and policy.

Practice Areas

Identity Theft

We can help you deal with having your identity stolen—and assert your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Housing Rights

We have experience in defending foreclosure lawsuits, suing mortgage servicers, and protecting tenants.

Debt Defense

We defend debt collection lawsuits and turn the tables on companies that violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Class Actions

We file class actions against companies that violate any number of state or federal laws that protect consumers like you.

Consumer Fraud

If a company has engaged in an unfair or deceptive practice, we can help you assert your rights and recover your losses.

Auto Fraud

Car dealers are notorious for yo-yo deals, financing shenanigans, lemon law issues, and fraud. We've seen it all before.

Spam Calls

Telemarketers often abuse the right to call or text you. Talk to us if you're being harassed by unwanted robodialers.

Credit Reports

Applications for employment, loans, or housing can be derailed by inaccurate information on background checks and credit reports.

What makes us different?


100% of our practice is committed to fighting consumer cases. We file cases on behalf of individuals and class actions in court and through arbitration.

Trial & Appellate Experience

Our attorneys have proven experience in trial and appellate advocacy in both State and Federal courts.

On the Cutting Edge

We use new legal technologies that make our practice more efficient and effective—and ensure our clients are kept in the loop.

Strength in Numbers

Co-counseling with other members of the National Association of Consumer Advocates maximizes our impact and allows us to go toe-to-toe with international firms.


Steven J. Uhrich

After Steve graduated from the John Marshall Law School in Chicago cum laude, he was awarded an Equal Justice Works Illinois Foreclosure Fellowship with the Chicago Legal Clinic in South Chicago. For four years he supervised a team of attorneys assisting financially vulnerable families by defending wrongful foreclosures and bringing novel affirmative claims against mortgage servicing companies for unfair business practices. Steve now brings lawsuits on behalf of consumers in state and federal courts and litigates at both the trial and appellate level in a wide variety of industries.

He volunteers regularly with Chicago Volunteer Legal Services, the Willow Creek Community Care Center Legal Aid Ministry, and other civil legal service providers in the Chicagoland area.

Steve enjoys rock climbing, golf, cooking, and trying to find time to read non-fiction.


  • Supreme Court of Illinois
  • Northern District of Illinois
  • United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit


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“Modern society seems increasingly to expose men to injuries for which individually they are in a poor position to seek legal redress, either because they do not know enough or because such redress is disproportionately expensive. If each is left to assert his rights alone if and when he can, there will at best be a random and fragmentary enforcement, if there is any at all.”

– Kalven and Rosenfield, The Contemporary Function of Class Suit,  8 U. Chi. L. Rev. 684, 686 (1941).

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